Mary, Untier of Knots

We’re here to end the Satanic, anti-Christian and violently obscene broadcasting coming from Seton Hall University’s radio station, WSOU.

The problem started under the leadership of the former Archbishop of Newark, homosexual predator Theodore McCarrick, and despite two bans, has persisted for 34 years, with the knowledge of Church leaders. After multiple internal reviews of standards in 2019 and 2020, driven in part by a letter and report to the Pope, Seton Hall’s radio station continues to regularly air satanic and violently anti-Christian material. Seton Hall has bred a perniciously evil subculture at the station that is overtly hostile to Christ, one the university, its Board of Trustees and the Board’s Chair, Cardinal Joseph Tobin have been unwilling to remove. For that reason, we are ensuring with progressively increasing pressure and publicity, that the Archdiocese of Newark, Cardinal Tobin, the USCCB and the Vatican accept public responsibility for this long standing abomination and end it by shutting down WSOU, completely and permanently.

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