Reparation Rally June 16 – Sacred Heart Cathedral in Newark, NJ with a VERY Special Guest

Most Catholic Universities Have Abandoned their Fidelity to Christ. Join us at Sacred Heart Cathedral
on June 16 at 10:30 am to Pray in Reparation for Satanic Broadcasting from Newark diocesan
Seton Hall University and for the Restoration of the Church

Reparation Rally & Marian Procession

At a time when some of our Cardinals and Bishops don’t want to discuss sacrilege against the Eucharist…

When our religious and secular hierarchy downplay the atrocities against our most vulnerable…

When our leaders fail to combat satanic actions sanctioned in their own dioceses

Laypeople across the country must step up and lead where our leaders have failed.

Our Lady and the Saints are pleading with our Cardinals and Bishops to end these spiritual atrocities and make reparations for them.

Please help us in this mission, starting with Cardinal Joseph Tobin.  We ask you to join us on Day One of the USCCB General Assembly at GROUND ZERO, the Archdiocese of Newark, to rally in reparation.

Wednesday, June 16
10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Sacred Heart Cathedral
Clifton Avenue & 6th Avenue
Newark, NJ
Gathering opposite the Cathedral in Branch Brook Park



JESSE ROMERO, Radio HostVirgin Most Powerful Radio

Lepanto League

a leader in the country’s spiritual battle

Pope Saint John Paul the Great will be joining us in the form of a rare first class relic.  It will be his first return to the Cathedral since his historic 1995 visit.  This time he’s on a mission!

Also sponsored by:
Leader in the fight against Seton Hall’s Satanic Radio Broadcasting



One thought on “Reparation Rally June 16 – Sacred Heart Cathedral in Newark, NJ with a VERY Special Guest

  1. I have just came across this story today on lifesite news (youtube channel). I am extremely shocked. I live in the UK and we dont have this type of stuff openly out in mainstream music media. It doesnt surprise me that USA is rife with it. However to have this going on for over 3 decades at a catholic university is way beyond what I can comprehend; and I think I will not even try to understand this level of evil in a catholic university under the chairmanship of a bishop, for the simple reason that evil has no understanding, so it follows that there is nothing to understand. A vigil needs to be held outside the bishops house continually until he uses his privillage to do the right thing. I sincerely believe he isn’t understanding that he needs to take up the cross, he needs to go back to basics and start again.

    The Polish Catholic Church have a tradition where 2 members (1 male, 1 female) each year at the end of mass goes up to the pulpit to tell the priest or the entire clergy of the country where they have gone wrong or were neglectful, if that has been the case. The parish I live in has many Polish immigrants and I witnessed this tradition a few years ago where the 2 Polish lay members spoke forthrightly about the blind eye turned towards clerical paedophilia. I think the universal church needs this tradition more now than ever.

    Finally does Bishop Tobin at best thinks that he will loose funding or academics at the university if he were to put a stop to it. If this is the case it would be a deal with the devil. Of course I dont know if the bishop is working discretely behind the scenes to end this once and for all or whether he has been asking his parishoners for prayer, fasting and vigils. But it looks from outside the university boardroom, that everyone is indifferent.

    My utmost respect goes to all who are campaigning and sacrificing, I will pray the Rosary and may God Bless and Protect all of you.


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