NY Post Covers Satanic Broadcasting from Catholic Seton Hall University

The fourth largest newspaper in America, the NY Post, just covered the satanic broadcasting emanating from Seton Hall University. They omitted the huge body of recorded factual evidence that proves the extremely serious problems with this Catholic institution’s radio programming. In their opening paragraph, in conjunction with the text “religious objections have been raised”, they provided a link to this, rather than a link to the large repository of recordings and hard factual evidence that makes our case. The author stated that it seemed “very odd” and notified his editor. Instead of including a link to any of the many sources of hard facts, the hyperlink was removed completely.

Cardinal Tobin was informed of the problem in 2019. He was also informed by the US Nuncio, Archbishop Christophe Pierre, shortly afterward, through a letter to Pope Francis. Here is the correspondence that proves it.

Letter to Pope Francis and the US Nuncio, Archbishop Christophe Pierre

Letter from the US Nunciature confirming that they provided the letter to Cardina Tobin.

Cardinal Tobin has been informed on countless occasions since. There have been multiple protests at Seton Hall, at the Newark Diocesan Center and AT THE CARDINAL’S WINDOW. The matter has been discussed at length with Cardinal Tobin’s assistant, his Priest Secretary, Fr. Jason Makarow, at various places including here, at a protest under the window of Cardinal Tobin’s residence. (Scroll to video at link.)

Cardinal Tobin, recently appointed by Pope Francis to the small congregation that advises the Pope on the selection of new bishops around the world, chairs Seton Hall’s Board of Trustees, the group that sets the university’s policies, and is President of their Board of Regents, the group that, among other things, has oversight responsibility for student conduct. This Prince of the Church deems himself powerless to stop his flagship Catholic university from incessantly pumping explicit Satanism, witchcraft, genocidal anti-Christian paganism and the occult into the largest media market in North America.

Seton Hall has lied repeatedly about this, claiming that “everything aired on WSOU is clean” and asserting that reports of the station’s violently obscene and satanic broadcasting are “disinformation”. The recordings prove the serious objections are valid. Here is a recent recording from March 15, 2021 of this major Catholic institution entertaining it’s huge NJ and NYC audience with a satanic “artist’s” song about the sacrifice of a newborn child. The artist has utilized a guitarist from the band Mayhem, a band that markets itself with the serial church arsons for which their bassist, Varg Vikernes, was convicted.

Recordings and lyrics for lots of equally diabolical material aired by Seton Hall University are available at the link above, including among many others a recording of a song about beating a woman’s head to a pulp with a sledge hammer, with album artwork depicting a sex act on a mutilated female corpse as well as a broadcast from March 22, 2021 which includes the lyrics

“Devil guides the way
Tells me what to say
Pours himself inside
Snuffs the final light”

When you meditate on Friday about Christ crucified, meditate also about the religious institutional corruption that demanded that crucifixion, and about the severity of the profound and deeply entrenched spiritual corruption of many of our Church’s leaders in this time, keeping in mind the cowardice and indifference among Catholics that enables it.

Theodore McCarrick’s homosexual depravity involved seminarians at Seton Hall’s Immaculate Conception Seminary, which is 500 feet from the university’s satanic radio station, WSOU. The change to the blasphemous, occult laden, anti-Christian programming format took place months after McCarrick was installed as Archbishop of Newark and persists under Cardinal Tobin, the current Archbishop of Newark, with his full knowledge, to this day. The broadcasting of material of this nature has been banned by the university on many occasions since 1986, yet it persists for all to see and hear. In the wake of destruction McCarrick left, which many Catholics and Catholic leaders were aware of before the lawsuit that brought it into the open, what are we to make of the credibility of our Church’s leadership today? Our bishops have been informed and have not stopped the satanic broadcasting. With students, managers and faculty who aren’t opposed to such broadcasting, that won’t be possible as long as WSOU continues to exist. Nor has the establishment Catholic media covered this, let alone acted to end it. Let’s think very hard about it when we ask ourselves “Why not?”

Let’s not wait for corrupt Church leadership and cowards in Catholic media to do their jobs. Virtually ALL of the independent conservative Catholic media outlets have covered this. NONE of the establishment Catholic media outlets have. Their blackout is complete. When they don’t shun those bringing them the story, they say they’re too busy. Why is it that they’re all so “busy” when so many other independent Catholic media outlets have found the time to report on it, many of them multiple times? Even the NY Post has covered it. Cardinal Tobin knows that he can get away with ignoring this as long as the establishment Catholic media remains complicit in silence. They have a lot of practice at that.

It’s time for us to lead the way, not by asking “Why doesn’t someone do something?”, not by expecting the leaders of our Church to attend to their primary responsibility – the salvation of souls, not by simply stating that this is bad, but by trusting in Christ, by doing what our Baptism and Confirmation require of US, using all of our gifts, talents and abilities, and DRIVING this mission to victory. When you talk to your parish priests, be prepared. You may well hear something like “Isn’t that awful, but there’s nothing I can do about it. That’s up to Cardinal Tobin.” DON’T accept it… any more than you should have accepted such an answer if you were telling him about McCarrick’s corruption in 1990 or 2000.

Seek out bishops who won’t stand for this. Many bishops will ignore you, block you and shun you. Keep pushing, and keep approaching more and more of them. Show up at their offices when they’re there if need be. Push to get it in your parish bulletin, especially if you’re in New Jersey or anywhere around NYC. If necessary, get the access you need to bishops by working through your parish priest, and/or by networking through Catholic organizations. Letters, emails and voicemail messages to bishops will typically be ignored. In your initial efforts to engage bishops, you’ll almost certainly be pushed off to the director of communications for the diocese, likely someone skilled in information suppression, who will tell you that it’s not the bishop’s problem. IT IS WHEN CARDINAL TOBIN KNOWINGLY AND PERSISTENTLY PERMITS THIS. This has being going on for 34 years. Get in front of the bishop and don’t let him shirk his responsibility to defend Christ’s Church and the integrity of its mission. Make it clear to him that those who are more directly responsible are chronically failing to stop it. This isn’t about the Church operating slowly and needing lots of time to do it’s work any more than the McCarrick cover-up was. The time that passed simply allowed McCarrick to become the most powerful prelate in the most powerful nation in history.

If you have influence at a major media outlet, or if you know someone who does, or even if you know someone who knows someone who does, work to network your way in, and push effectively for well informed, honest and bold coverage, using the extensive hard factual information that’s readily available.

Catholics need to realize that it doesn’t work to just click on a like button or a petition’s sign button. Those things help in an infinitesimally small way, but it’s not nearly enough. Nor does it work to stand in a march of a million people. That helps a little too, but we’re wasting our time if we think the goal is “helping”. We don’t need more clicks. We don’t need a million and one. We need transformative action. This is about the laity asserting the leadership, power and influence that the bishops, our spiritual fathers, have persistently failed to assert, even under the gravest of circumstances. This is a war for souls and part of a war for the soul of the Church. This is a war we must fight to win.

Journalists, nursing home residents, media personalities, broken people, billionaires and nuns, religious organization leaders and those who pray the Rosary, sinners and saints, meditate on Christ crucified, forgetting about the gold star you may think you deserve for being on the right side, stand up committed and use the life and gifts that God has given you to do the real work of Christ and create transformative change.

Our mission, in defense of souls and for the restoration of the integrity of the Church, is to shut down WSOU.


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