Conversation at the Cardinal’s Window, “Hail Satan!” From Seton Hall Students

We arrived at noon outside the Newark Archdiocesan Center to pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet for an end to the Satanic radio station at Seton Hall University.  It was cold.

After the rosary we decided to pray outside Cardinal Tobin’s residence. As we were praying there, Fr. Jason, the Cardinal’s secretary, came out to speak with us.   He had done so on one other occasion when we were praying outside.  Maybe he heard our praying and singing.

He said hello and told us that he is praying for us.  I said, “When is the Cardinal going to shut down this satanic radio station?”  He replied, “I wanted to tell you the Cardinal is in touch with the President of Seton Hall.”  I said, “So he’s telling him to shut it down?”  He responded, “Well there are several hoops here.  The schools etc. all run independently.”  I said, “Wait, he’s at the top, right?”  He said, “Yes.”  I said, “Then he has the power and the authority to stop this.  We are looking for him to be a true spiritual father and protect the spiritual children entrusted to him.”  He responded, “I understand.” 

Catholics Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet at Cardinal Tobin’s Window for an End to Seton Hall University’s Satanic Radio Station – 11/17/20
Catholics Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet at Cardinal Tobin’s Window for an End to Seton Hall University’s Satanic Radio Station – 11/17/20

Elizabeth said, ”It’s like a father who finds his kids playing with matches in the basement.  He tells them to stop and clears them out of the basement.”  He smiled and agreed. 

I then asked him what the Cardinal was going to do about the Health Reproductive Freedom Act, this most liberal of abortion bills that will make NJ the Mecca of abortion. He squirmed and said the Cardinal is meeting with the other bishops about this.  I also asked him how the Cardinal could endorse Biden.  He said we’d have to ask him ourselves.  I told him that no time has been proposed for the meeting I requested and asked how we could proceed. He said he’d passed my request for a meeting on to the Cardinal.

We told him we are praying for him and the Cardinal and that we love our priests and want heaven for them.  I called on Fr. Jason to be a saint.  He was uncomfortable about this.  We asked for his blessing and knelt down before him as he blessed us.

We then went over to Seton Hall and set up outside the entrance on South Orange Avenue.  We tried to engage passers by.  At one point a car of students was leaving the campus and when seeing our signs yelled out, “Hail sat*n!”  This is the second week in a row that this phrase was called out to us at Seton Hall.  So – how is this coming from a “Catholic” university?!  I have no idea.

Several of us called Seton Hall to let them know what happened and I also called Fr. Jason’s office to let him know.  He was not there so I left a message.

Seton Hall had their Media Relations Director Laurie Pine call me back.  She was kind.  She wanted to know what happened and truthfully, I felt she was condescending in both her questions and her answers to mine.  But she sounded generally concerned that the students were yelling this to us.  Even when asked directly, she gave no indication that she was Catholic at all.  She was more concerned about whether we felt “bullied” or hurt in any way.  I reminded her that we want Cardinal Tobin or Seton Hall President Joseph Nyre to take action on this and remove the evil.  She told me she would report it to Matthew Borowick, Seton Hall’s University Relations VP. 

One thought on “Conversation at the Cardinal’s Window, “Hail Satan!” From Seton Hall Students

  1. I joined the rosary at Seton Hall university and outside the residence of cardinal Joseph Tobin back in April after learning about the radio station WSOU from life site news. Thank you for what you do since then I’d been praying for it’s shut down.


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